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Aah'Shea is a family owned business whose mission is to provide moisturizing plant-based products that are made for the entire family. Our journey began when two members of our family battled constant dry and itchy skin from eczema. We were tired of the chemicals and steroids prescribed by doctors and over the counter medicines and needed a natural alternative. 


We began crafting our body cream for everyone in the family to use.  As a family of five we have varying skin types and we wanted natural skincare products that we could all use.

Our skincare line's key ingredient is shea butter which is renowned as one of the world's finest natural moisturizers. This plant-based butter is rich in vitamins A, E, and F which have numerous benefits to the skin.

We crafted the Aah'Shea line with all skin tones and textures in mind. Our family is passionate about sharing the love of our products with others.

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