The moisturizing plant-based shea butter body cream is compatible for all skin types and crafted with 100% natural ingredients that can have your skin feeling hydrated and supple. 


Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, E, and F.  These vitamins help keep the skin healthy,  soften dry skin, and help improve skin conditions such as eczema. Grapeseed seed oil is known to heal the skin with anti-inflammatory properties and coconut oil is a healthy skin moisturizer with anti-bacterial properties.


The creamy butter is available as unscented, scented with plant based essential oils, or scented with fragrances.



  • Natural- unscented
  • Essential Oil, Lavender- fresh, floral, clean, calm 
  • Essential Oil, Bergamot- light masculine, fresh, mild tones
  • Fragrance, Angel- subtle, sweet and light notes
  • Fragrance, Sauvage Dior- warm masculine, warm rich tones
  • Fragrance, Baby Powder- delicate, light, fresh

Shea Butter Body Cream- 8 oz

  • Ingredients: Organic raw shea butter, 100% grapeseed oil, unrefined coconut oil, Vitamin E oil

    Jar: 8 oz. Net weight: 6.5 oz